Part Number: EL805-MD9X1AFCS0WN

Today’s SCADA and Telemetry systems transport large amounts of data at ever-increasing speeds. Additionally, the need for greater packaging flexibility has redefined the “ideal” wireless platform. The MDS TransNET™ utilizes FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) to provide reliable long range data transportation at up to 115.2 kbps. The TransNET provides transparent data communications for nearly all SCADA, Telemetry, and EFM protocols including Modbus.

Any MDS TransNET may be configured as a repeater to extend the operating range of the network. Multiple repeaters may exist at any level of the network preventing a single radio failure from disabling the entire network.

Key Benefits

•   Digital signal processing (DSP) technology with self-equalization, automatic 
•   CRC/ARQ and powerful forward error correction
•   Quick return on investment with plug-and-play installation
•   Unlicensed radio design
•   Communicate with any asynchronous protocol without extra software or additional programming
•   Excellent performance in the face of interference or difficult signal paths
•   Network-wide diagnostics software simplifies tasks and reduces costs

Radio Type 900 MHz Unlicensed Serial
Radio Capability Point to Multipoint
Radio Voltage 12 VDC
Radio Voltage 24 VDC
Radio Carrier Power 1 watt
Radio Data Protocol Serial
Radio Temperature Range Low -40f
Radio Temperature Range High 158f
Radio Encryption AES-128
Radio Range 60 miles
Radio Housing Enclosed
Radio Sensitivity -105
Radio Temperature Inputs 1 Antenna Port
Radio Antenna Ports 1 Antenna Port
Radio Serial Ports 1 Serial Port
Radio RF Connector TNC Female
Radio Redundancy Non-Redundant 1 Radio
Radio Mounting Standard Mount
Radio Data Rate 115.2 Kbps
Radio 2 Type None
Radio 3 Type None
Radio Model TransNet

MDS TransNet CAD

MDS TransNet Quickstart.pdf

MDS TransNet Spec Sheet.pdf

MDS TransNet User Manual.pdf