Broadband Solutions

Whether your needs are broadband licensed or unlicensed, our diverse portfolio of Point-to-Point/Multi-Point to deliver best in class speed and exceed any of the hungriest customer application network requirements. Our offering allows the best performance and guaranteed bandwidth for each subscriber that seamlessly integrates into any network. Exploiting Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) and OFDM technology, expansive modulation schemes with the widest array of channel bandwidths ensures the Industries best throughput and spectral efficiency. With options of indoor and outdoor configuration allows the deployment scenarios to be tailored as a solution in any combination.

Cellular Solutions

With the quick deployment options available, our cellular solutions can be deployed in conjunction with other existing networks or be singly deployed. They can be used to connect applications to the back office, collect IIoT data and additional services for the telecom/IT departments. Cellular solutions can provide Ethernet and serial where other line-of-sight solutions cannot deliver the same level of communication for the cost. Our enclosures range from commercial level to Industrial strength C1/D2 for today’s Industrial strength requirements. Our offerings have capabilities to satisfy all ends of the spectrum from low power mode, PoE, Dual SIM, RS232/485 Serial Data Port, Programmable Analog/Digital Inputs, Digital Outputs, etc.

Narrowband Solutions

If your application requires a ruggedized narrowband long-range network, our portfolio with narrowband is second to none. The narrowband provides better distance/watt of power consumption & spectrum efficiency than broadband. Our reliability and performance offerings support the analog and digital interfaces for most application requirements at the most cost-effective solution. With IIoT sensors feverishly being deployed today, narrowband provides a less expensive alternative than other products.

Ultra Solutions

Tailor-Made for Industrial IoT
Remote monitoring with unprecedented reliability, range, and battery life.

Sensors that Refuse to Quit
Deploy once and forget with a 12+ year battery life. Weatherproof enclosure - IP65, IP68, NEMA 4X, CE-rated.

A Turn-Key IoT Solution
Ready in less than 15 minutes. Environmental change monitoring, activity monitoring, and power monitoring.

Convenient & Secure
Bank-level security with 256-bit exchange and AES-128 CTR for all data transmission. 900 MHz products use frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS).868 and 433 MHz sensors are frequency agile

Single Pane of Glass Monitoring
See all your sensors in a single pane of glass for transparent insight. Monitor on-the-go with text or email alerts. Manage your network on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Reduce Downtime
Data storage allows for days, weeks, or months of time-stamped data logging even when the power is out.

Best-in-Class Range
Install sensors virtually anywhere. Robust signal strength with 1,200-foot radius. Non line-of-sight reaches through 12+ walls.

Future-Proof & Hassle-Free
Over-the-air updates allows for real-time upgrades with no downtime.