Remote Radio Configuration & Monitoring Software

End 2 End Technologies Radio Admin software provides radio technicians with a powerful tool for managing GE MDS Data Acquisition and LAN Extension radios, as well as Freewave, 4RF, Sierra Wireless, and Ubiquiti devices.

The Field-Ready Solution


Designed specifically for field technicians and engineers to remotely manage and configure critical industrial communications devices on a laptop. Offers local or remote access for full or limited polling of radio configuration or gathering of performance metrics.


Simple navigation with a tree-view of the network topology showing each node and its place in the network hierarchy. Design specifically for ease of maintenance and fault finding throughout the network.

Quicker & Smarter

Rapid and consistent configuration of communication devices in the field for quick troubleshooting and maintenance. Cutting edge engineering tools for determining device reachability.

Future Proof

Designed to be scalable, flexible and grow with your network. Supports a large range of radio devices including GE MDS, Ubiquiti, FreeWave, Sierra Wireless, 4RF, Cambium, Radwin, Cradlepoint and more.

Why do I need Radio Admin?

  • Ability for Field Technicians and Engineers to diagnose and update configuration of remote radios from multiple vendors
  • Quickly have radio tools at their disposal for troubleshooting
  • Easily update configurations and firmware on TRU, PLC's, and switches that require power to be cycled
  • Reduce costly field tech trips to remote SCADA sites to power cycle devices
  • Monitoring voltages on the output of the solar panel and batteries provides indication of failing or alarm conditions
  • Consistent configuration of radios

E2E Radio Admin

  • Software tool for remotely managing GE MDS Radios
  • Supports Ubiquiti Rocket & Nano, FreeWave HT+ Series, WP201 & FGR serial radios (via serial FreeWave Proxy-releasing soon), Sierra Wireless Raven & LS 300, 4RF, Cambium, Radwin & Cradlepoint
  • Local (GE only) or remote access to view radio performance and can do full or limited polling of radio configuration and performance metrics
  • Tree view of network topology and many engineering tools
  • Archive radio configuration files
  • Allows collection and triggering of E2E Power Contact components along with Ethernet Relay/Digital Inputs
  • Provides Provisioner client interaction with radios

E2E Radio Admin – Radio Communications

  • SNMP v1, 2c and 3 queries to IP-enabled equipment
  • Proprietary queries to GE Data Acquisition products
  • Access to radios via local COM port for GE SDx, x7x0 and TransNETs as well as Discovery
  • Access to remote equipment over the air via radio network (all radios)
  • Full or limited/selected polling of radio configuration (GE serial radios) and performance metrics
  • Ability to open HTTP, SSH, and Telnet sessions directly to radios and upload firmware to GE Orbit radios
  • Download and archive, or upload and apply full GE LAN Extension radio configuration files
  • Ability to provision changes for specific metrics to remote GE MDS radios, such as TransNET, x7x0 and SDx’s and FreeWave HT+
  • Radwin, Cambium, Cradlepoint, 4RF, Ubiquiti, FreeWave HT+, WP201 and serial (via FreeWave serial proxy) radios
  • Create/Run Reports against the latest collected data
  • GE Dlink Discovery (active and passive for Narrowband)
  • Configuration & firmware updates on 4RF

E2E Radio Admin – Reporting

  • Collected data from any vendor and model can be reported
  • Selectable metrics and thresholds
  • Create and customize reports that can be run immediately or saved for a
    later date
  • Filters can be applied to stream-line the results


E2E Radio Admin – User Interface

  • Easy navigation to all features
  • Tree view of radio network topology
  • Easily verify device reachability on the network with included engineering tools
  • Determine which network ports are in use on Radio Admin machine using NetStat feature
  • Identify which network ports are in use on a remote device using PortScan feature
  • Verify SNMP communication with the SNMP Walk feature
  • Topology mapping with the Rover Tool
  • Verify designs and planning with Industry Wireless Calculators
  • Query IP network hop information using the Traceroute feature
  • Connect to remote devices in a variety of ways using the PuTTY feature
  • Capture and store server files and system messages with the built-in SFTP/TFTP and Syslog services
  • Seamless integration with existing GE MDS PulseNET network management systems
  • Ability to control remote equipment & take pictures over serial networks [Requires E2E Power Contact hardware]

Configure & manage networks with cutting-edge engineering software

Radio Admin is a powerful tool for managing GE MDS Data Acquisition and LAN Extension radios, as well as Freewave, 4RF, Sierra Wireless, and Ubiquiti devices.